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System warning lights

Those lights on your dash are there for your saftety and protection of your auto. If you have a dash warning light on call us to  discuss the warning light

Check frequently

Dashboard warning lights on, tire pressure, lights,windshield washer fluid and engine oil level

Keeping your engine properly tuned improves gas mileage an average 4%.

Correct tire pressure can improve milage 3.3%

Fixing a serious issue such as bad oxygen sensor can improve fuel milage 40%

Four signs your headlight needs replacing

A flickering light

A color change

The lamp goes out and then back on

Dimmer light over time

Vehicle leaking fluids?

Coolants (pink orange, purple, green)

Transmission Fluid (gold, pink red, black)

Engine Oil (yellow, brown, black)

Brake Fluid (clear, yellow, brown)

Dallas Auto Sports checks the status of your car every time we service or repair your vehicle. Call us if you have questions or concerns about any vehicle issue

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